Project List
Capacity Growth Management at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
Assist with both short and long term capacity growth management
issues. We worked to identify barriers, correct short term issues
and identify capital project work to eliminate barriers to
production. We worked to gain immediate capacity relief, without
capital expense, by modifying Brewhouse operations in milling,
mashing, lautering and utilities to gain approximately 1 additional
brew per day.

Alexus-NexGen Entrepreneurial Effort
Assisted with brew design capacity planning and efforts to secure a contract brewing arrangement for an interim period until the Brewery in Africa became operational.
Practical Solutions to Brewing’s Practical Problems
Dry Hop Improvement Project : Deschutes
This project worked to brainstorm systems for Dry hopping modifications in the
operation with the objective of reducing time, improving flavor and increasing

Flavor Match Project Huppmann GmBh / Deschutes Brewery
A new brew line was added to the operation. Flavors of some products on the
new side, were not compatible with the preferred beers made on the “Old Side”.
Our efforts first worked to determine whether issues were primarily Brewhouse
or Cellars related. A number of Brewhouse related issues were identified and
corrected in milling, mashing, lautering and kettle operations. Changes resulted in
better wort flavor, improved run off time, fewer cuts, improved clarity and improvements
to the heat reclaim system. The brewery continued to expand on the improvements after
the consultation period, making additional long term improvements to the operation.

As an Assistant Brewmaster, David managed and contributed to improvements in all
process areas. Some significant Project related results:

1. Led a $65 MM Modernization Project to increase capacity, improve CIP, provide an
ROI, improve Quality and recontrol the process, moving from discreet controls to
Siemens S-88 Batch. The project met its goals! Importantresults from this
collaborative effort were presented as an oral lecture at the MBAA National
Meeting in Miami, FL.

2. Increased capacity with minimum expenditures. In the course of this effort extract
recovery was improved and grain usage dropped by 566,000 lbs per month. This project
focused on improvements from attention to “brewing details” to achieve goals,
rather than capital expenditures. Team efforts resulted in increasing Brew sizes
from 695 to 805 bbls, while successfully shortening cycles from 165 minutes to
148 minutes per brew.

3. Discovered the mechanism leading to stratification in fermenters. Correction of this
issue shortened cycles, improved the quality of returned yeast and improved the
analytical and taste quality parameters of the beers formerly
affected by the phenomenon.

4. Improved yeast pitching, tightening the pitch rate from about +/- 2.0 MM
Cells / Ml  to +/- 0.75 MM cells / ML resulting in more uniform fermentations,
better peak counts and better control of key QA parameters. Improved
uniformity of beer flavor was another key benefit of this effort.

Beer / Food Pairing Shows
David has been involved in several Beer / Food Pairing Shows in the Boise Area at
Country Clubs and Restaurants. These are enjoyable to do. More would be
welcome! Our personal focus is toward “Home Food” , with the idea that dining
out is special, but most meals are eaten at home. If the Beer / Food Pairings are
made at home, for each dinner, each course during the meal can be made an
special event giving brewers the opportunity to sell more of their specialty beers.
Have a Black Butte Porter or a Kona Pipeline Porter with a warm fudge brownie
to appreciate the impact of this concept. Try Butternut Squash Soup with a
dollop of green mole sauce in the center, paired with a Hoegarden. Each
course should indeed have its own beer and sharing one beer for two
people is a great way to enjoy the event.

MBAA Speaking
David has a desire to “Give Back” to the Industry and share the practical
process knowledge accumulated during his career. He has spoken at
three National MBAA conventions, and will be speaking again in
October 2009 on the topic of Practical Brewhouse Operations at
the MBAA convention in La Quinta, CA. David was part of the
Brewhouse Trouble Shooting Forum during the convention.during
the convention. David regularly speaks at MBAA’s Madison, WI Brewing
School, and has been the keynote speaker for District Northwest,
District Philadelphia and he has spoken at District Minneapolis, at
the August Schell Brewery. During his career with Anheuser-Busch
he participated in the Mobile Beer School Events,held throughout
the country.

David's presentations on the topic of Stratified Fermentations has been awarded
the Inge Russell award for the best technical presentation of 2008. This was
presented at the LaQuinta convention.
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